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Meet the All-Star components of Solar Archive

Service Oriented Processing

The architecture of Solar Archive separates all key services so that they all perform independently from one another:

  • Capturing and processing
  • Storage and indexing
  • Search and retrieval

This modular approach ensures the perpetual availability of each process and meets the scaling requirements of a service provider environment. Each module can also be scaled independently to meet the demands of an organisation without compromising performance in the other modules.

Run Anywhere

Delivered as a Kubernetes Cluster, Solar Archive is a high-availability, self-healing, horizontally scaling container based system.

You can be run Solar Archive on any on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure and effortlessly scale to meet your needs.

Our battle-tested code, architected into the modern Kubernetes orchestrator provides best-of-breed highly scalable back and front-end services.

Inbound Email

The Solar Archive Mail Server is based on the secure and extendable Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server platform which allows us to process large inbound email volumes, using Kubernetes auto-scaling and Zookeeper coordination, we can scale up to handle any desired ingress rate.

Process and Index

Based on proven code that has been archiving emails for over 17 years and remade for a service-oriented cloud architecture, our processing unit can read emails and attachments of all common types and forward that information to Apache Solr for indexing, additionally the unit will fingerprint, encrypt and archive the entire email, including attachments in a persistent storage cluster.

Auto-scaled with Kubernetes, the system will scale up to meet demand.

Robust Index Storage

By deploying Apache Solr, in Kubernetes, we deliver a lightning fast, replicated high-availability search engine which can query archives of many millions of emails in seconds.

Solr is a highly reliable, scalable and fault tolerant distributed indexing system and allows us to provide flexible and powerful search capabilities.

User Interface

Our UI, built on long proven Apache Tomcat technology, provides the user search interface, as well as the administrative interface for your operators and customers.

With full support for branding, you can provide an experience based on your own brand, or based on your customers’ brands.

Clustered Database

We deploy a Percona XtraDB MySQL cluster, within Kubernetes, to handle all database operations.

This cluster is self-maintaining, self-healing and can be scaled with minimal effort and zero downtime.

Distributed Coordination

Coordinating the activity of numerous processes and services in a mutable and distributed cluster can be a significant challenge.

We have tightly integrated our code with Apache Zookeeper to allow us to seamlessly orchestrate archiving activity at very high scale and without bottlenecks or race conditions.

Zookeeper is itself a high availability cluster running within Kubernetes.

Read More in Our Technical Whitepaper

In our Technical Whitepaper, we break down Solar Archive into its individual components to show you how they function both individually and collectively. We also go into specifics about infrastructure integration, including some example configurations.

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