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The email archiving market is growing at 15% per annum and is due to be worth $5.6bn by the end of 2019 and shows no signs of slowing down.


Claim your share of the market and discover how and why Solar Archive is designed to partner perfectly with:



Email Security Providers

Email Security Providers benefit from partnering with Solar Archive by being able to offer their customers enriched functionality. By adding an email archiving service, the email security provider can offer a complete security solution stack to the market to boost revenue either at sign up or as an additional upsell at time of renewal.

Further to that, in many cases, email archiving is the more expensive part of the package than anti-virus/anti-spam solutions. As the email security marketplace become increasingly comoditised, our technology partners can look to Solar Archive to help them stay ahead of their competition.

Are you an anti-spam, anti-virus technology? Speak to us today about how Solar Archive will help you gain an advantage over your competitor.

Cloud Backup Providers

The Cloud Backup market has been through a lot of change over recent years. With the rise of public cloud, the cost of storage has significantly reduced. Cloud Providers have had to change their business model to maintain their customers and keep revenue increasing. With AWS, Azure and Google offering GB’s of storage for fractions of a cent, end users have a growing expectation that their back up cost should also cost fractions of a cent.

With Solar Archive, Cloud Backup Providers have an alternative revenue earning technology. We have seen more and more backup providers adding Business Continuity as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service, for both, email archiving is a key element that is an easy and intuitive upsell, as most organisations operate on email.

The popularity of Office 365 has made back up a more difficult sell for email because the core Office 365 functionality includes a backup function. However, due to the inadequate archiving native function in Office 365, back up providers can seize the opportunity to offer a fully compliant email archiving as part of an enhanced back up product to retain existing customers moving to Office 365 and win new customers who have already migrated.

Are you a cloud back up provider? Speak to us to day to find out how Solar Archive creates an additional revenue stream that compliments your core business.

Managed Service Providers

The IT Managed Service Provider (MSPs) market continues to grow rapidly. The market is expected to be worth $194bn by the end of 2019 and is growing at a CAGR of 12.%. As more MSPs enter the market, the ability to offer competitive or advanced features which the end customers desire becomes crucial. If the right balance between technologies which are desirable and cost-effective aren’t met, customers will find alternative MSPs who can meet the customer demands.

Email archiving is a rapidly growing market, which the end customer is increasingly looking to their MSP to offer advice, and in many cases hosting services. With Solar Archive, MSPs can quickly, easily and cost-effectively enter the email archiving market whilst leveraging their own existing brand strength. By offering a self-hosted desirable product in the market, MSPs are finding they are both winning new customers, reducing customer churn and increasing revenue per customer.

Further to that, MSPs revenue earning potential from email has taken a big hit by Office 365. Microsoft are now taking away revenue and customers from the hosted email market place which was once the domain of the MSP.

Solar Archive helps shift this balance, with the addition of email archiving, email becomes a revenue earning item once again that helps both win new customers and keep the existing customer base invested in the MSP.

Are you a MSP? Speak to us today to find out how Solar Archive can help you monetise your customers email usage and win more business.

Hosting Providers

Internet Service Providers and Hosting Providers have seen email become a challenging product type to earn revenue from as Office 365 and other free email services have flooded the market. Their customers have high expectation of these free email product although they are not willing to pay for that service in many cases.

Email archiving provided by Solar Archive is a premium product in which customers are willing to pay for, meaning hosting providers can once again earn from email usage whilst continuing to meet their customers’ demands.

From a technical perspective, Solar Archive is built on cutting-edge cloud technology, therefore hosting providers can make efficient use of storage in their data centre which helps reduce the cost of ownership for their email service. In practice, active primary email in a user’s inbox can reside on premium storage for quicker access while older, less regularly accessed email can be stored in the archive on cheaper disk to reduce cost.

Are you an internet service or hosting provider? Speak to us about how Solar Archive can help you monetise your customers’ emails whilst reducing your data centre operation cost simultaneously.

We expect public cloud/SaaS archiving solutions to account for 60% of total market revenue by 2021

IDC Worldwide Archiving Software Forecast, 2017–2021

Email Archive Market by 2022


Annual Growth Rate


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YoY data growth

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