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Who are the people behind Solar Archive?


Solar Archive is a mature product, repackaged for the MSP market



Solar Archive has existed in the traditional channel sales environment for more than 17 years, as a best in class Enterprise email archiving solution.



The development team make up the majority of Solar Archive, with the belief firmly being that a quality product is capable of supporting any business.

Quality of Service

At Solar Archive, we are driven by a focus on customer satisfaction and retention. Our support team receives outstanding reviews from both partners and end users.

Our Story

Solar Archive has existed in the traditional channel sales environment for more than 17 years, as a best in class enterprise email archiving solution. Now, the product has been repackaged, tuned up and launched for managed service providers worldwide.

The product has been rolled out over the last 10 years with key MSP partners, and finally the time has come to take it to the market as a whole. Solar Archive was originally created for ISPs in 2002, but due to the demand in enterprise level businesses for a compliant email archive the product was quickly refocused at large financial and legal businesses. From there Solar Archive enjoyed great success under its enterprise brand, developing 9 versions in that time, repeatedly refining and enhancing the product.

Now, thanks to that underpinning cloud-ready technology, the original ISP concept is more capable than ever of maintaining customer satisfaction for long periods of time. Thanks to more than 10 Billion emails archived to date, and 500+ enterprise customers using the solution to stay compliant and handle email growth already, Solar Archive is positioned perfectly to support MSPs.

We have something like 13 million emails in the system and searches still only take seconds.

Infrastructure Manager, Leading UK Trade Association

We can’t fault the support; when something does happen the support team have always been very useful and do exactly what’s required of them.

Information Services Manager, UK Borough Council

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