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Why add Email Archiving?

Differentiate from other service providers by adding a proven, retentive technology that customers like and use to your portfolio. Stop competing like-for-like, and compete instead on quality of service.

Archiving Retains Customers

When your customers are benefitting from an email archive as part of a hosting package, the value customers place on their service provider increases.

Customers are trusting their service providers with large volumes of email data, and you are committing to storing, protecting and providing around-the-clock access to those emails.

As your customers become much more invested in your offering, they become less and less likely to switch providers and more likely to buy further products and services from you.

And it works in practice – the technology that powers Solar Archive has retained 93% of its customers in over 15 years of existence, with many contracts lasting over 10 years.


Customer retention

Increase Average Revenue per User

While offering your customers email archiving as a bolt-on to your services is the obvious way to increase your ARPU, Solar Archive can help in other ways as well.

With happier customers and longer contracts come more opportunities for up- and cross-selling, which not only increases ARPU, but also increases the lifetime value of your customers by boosting recurring revenue.

Host Your Own Archive

If you already sell email archiving hosted by a cloud email archiving provider, then now is the perfect time to switch to Solar Archive. By hosting the email in your data centre you can increase customer retention, reduce risk of churn and significantly improve retained margin when compared to reselling a different service.

Read More in Our Whitepaper

Our extensive research into email archiving as a hosted service and its advantages in the wider Managed Service Provider market is summarised in our Market Analysis Whitepaper.

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