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As high as 43.5% of office workers recently surveyed listed email as the top time waster, beating meetings (42.3%) and browsing online (21.8%). In other words, if you don’t think that email is your biggest time waster, then the person sitting next to you does.

Let’s put some context and around this seemingly alarming statistic. Email is ubiquitous. It is the primary way of communicating for organisations of all sizes. Even with the rise of project management and collaboration apps such as Asana, Slack and Microsoft Teams, email is still the number one communications tool for business.

With so much of our time spent using email, its no wonder that people feel time is wasted because email is fundamentally an inefficient tool. People spending hours a week managing their inbox can have a detrimental impact on productivity.

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Every business dreams of sending out a single quote to a prospect and converting that prospect into a customer in a single email exchange. Whilst these kind of ‘unicorn’ transactions do happen, it is rarely the case. Businesses have to dig through strings of communications to find relevant details to action and to progress the sales cycle.

It is said that 28% of the average work week is spent reading and answering email, 19% of the average work week is spent searching for and gathering information. That’s one out of five working days in a week, just to have an employee searching and gathering information, most of which is contained in email.

You cannot control how much email will flood your inbox but you can control how quickly you can find that one email that you’ve been searching for high and low, by having a lightning quick, search friendly email archiving solution in place. Here at Solar Archive, we call it active archiving. Don’t just archive the very old stuff – use it for last week’s hot lead.

Next time you’re waiting for your mail server to find you an email and then you find that you’ve accidentally deleted that email, ask for an active email archiving solution on your system.

Better yet, inquire about Solar Archive, and don’t be in that situation at all.

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