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A Cloud email archive is an easy sell. It helps you retain customers and create new revenue streams

Keeping your customers happy can be a challenge. With competitors trying to lure them away, it doesn’t make your job easier. Ask them about their email though, and you’ll find there’s an easy way to please them: with a cloud email archive.

An opportunity for Cloud providers

Businesses need to be able to find their old emails. Indeed, according to a 2017 Forrester Consulting report, 92% of business users believe the ability to retrieve emails using search functions was important or even critical.

Organisations in many sectors have to archive to comply with regulations. In Europe, GDPR has made archiving important for businesses of every sort. Even without regulation though, today’s world is more cautious, and managers see it as good practice to keep emails whichever sector they’re in. With the increase in business critical information being shared via email, archiving is now a must-have technology in every industry.

As one example of the opportunity for your business, 74% of companies have been ordered to produce employee email as part of a legal action; yet only 63% are confident they can actually find the relevant messages.1

A growing market for cloud email archiving

Your customers are probably either operating in or migrating to cloud-based systems like Office 365. While this provides them with huge mailboxes, it can seriously hamper their searching, and slow down response times. Not to mention, it also increases their costs, as they’ll need a license for every active mailbox. Naturally then, they’d welcome a cloud email archive that allows them to clear mailboxes, and speed up searching. You can help them by hosting one. There are now over 1 billion business cloud email accounts, and the number is increasing.  And whereas there were 205 billion emails sent per day in 2015, that figure is expected to reach 246 billion in 2019, according to The Radicati Group.2 The information archiving market is predicted to grow by 75% in 2020.

Boost customer satisfaction

Email archiving for service providers is more than just a good hook for capturing customers. It’s also an effective way to hold onto them and reduce churn. Typically, organisations need to keep their emails for seven or more years to meet regulations, good practice and corporate governance standards, which makes archiving essential. As email usage continues to grow, a Cloud email archive is something they’ll continue to need for the foreseeable future. Our partners find that this helpful service increases their customer satisfaction. Also, we’ve found that the technology behind our email archiving has retained 93% of customers over a period of more than 15 years.

Create new revenue – fast

With a completely white label cloud email archive, you can be ready to market it as part of your own brand range in no time, and instantly add a new revenue stream to your business. Not only will it raise your average revenue per user (ARPU); it will also boost the lifetime value of your customers by increasing recurring revenue.

As a specialist in white label email archiving for Cloud providers, Solar Archive offers you low license, hosting fees, and low overhead costs, so you can earn full market revenue at high margins. To find out more, get in touch with James Clayton, Head of Partnerships.


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