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As a cloud provider, there are several key metrics which determine the success and growth of your business. In many cases, the reporting of these metrics helps indicate the trajectory of your company. We know from talking with our existing cloud provider partners that these goals look like:

  1. Maintain a high level of customer retention
  2. Be competitive in the market with comparable product offerings
  3. Increase (average) revenue per customer

So, how does adding Solar Archive email archiving solution help you meet those goals? Simple, by giving you an in-demand email management solution to stay ahead of your competition.

Solar Archive is a dedicated email archiving software for cloud service providers. With technology developed by Cryoserver, Solar Archive enables our providers to offer our best in class email archiving technology as their own branded solution to their customers quickly. In other words, we offer cloud providers a reliable way to satisfy and monetise their customers’ email usage requirements

Here is how:

  1. Maintain a high level of customer retention

Reducing customer churn is vital for a cloud provider to enable them to have consistent, predictable revenue to budget against. This base of recurring revenue allows for cloud providers to grow, invest and ultimately expand. Solar Archive has an average customer lifetime duration of more than 10 years, giving our partners the ability to achieve extraordinary customer retention rates, often in excess of 99%.

  1. Be competitive in the market with the most feature rich product set on the market

Cloud providers must stay ahead of their competitor or at least maintain feature parity with their competitors in the market.  Failure to do so will leave their customers in a position to be easily lured away with more complete solutions at the point of contract renewal thus increasing customer churn.

  1. Increase (average) revenue per customer

Unsurprisingly, growing revenue is a key metric for cloud service providers and increasing revenue per customer is a key component of that. We have heard from our partners that new customer acquisition continues to be difficult, and we also know that the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is higher for IT suppliers than in any other industry due to high levels of competition, expensive marketing requirements, and long sales cycles.

The bottom line 

What’s astoundingly clear is that Cloud Providers should be adding as much revenue as they can from their existing customers. Once you land the customer, expand by selling them one more thing and email archiving is the perfect solution for that since almost every organization operates on email communications.

On top of the CAC being high, we also know that procurement is becoming more complex for end customers. The signing of new supplier agreements is adding a layer of complexity to deals that didn’t use to exist. The contracting phase used to be a formality but is now another chance for the customer to negotiate both terms and rates. This increases the importance of cross-selling to existing customers. The market is growing (see our blog on the size of the email archiving market here), the price point is attractive, and Solar Archive will help you acquire new customers and increase customer retention.

Maintaining a growing cloud technology business is difficult, you have pressures from your customers, your stakeholders and the wider market. Therefore, choosing a technology which is built for service providers running in the cloud with current market expectation is critically important.

Unlike any other email archiving vendors, Solar Archive is exclusively designed for cloud providers. Every detail in our infrastructure, delivery model, training and support, even Marketing resources are optimized for our cloud partners. Speak to us today to find out more about our unique partnership model and margins.