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One of our latest blogs written by James details on how Solar Archive helps to meet a cloud provider’s goals, for more details, read here.

A quick recap of cloud service providers’ goals:

  • Maintain a high level of customer retention
  • Be competitive in the market with comparable product offerings
  • Increase (average) revenue per customer

In today’s ultra-competitive Cloud market, the pressure is on for providers to not only acquire new customers but to ultimately to retain existing ones as well. This is where, as a differentiation, you can partner with Solar Archive to provide your prospects and customers, a powerful, specialist archiving solution in which most (if not all) organisations that use email as their main communication to run their businesses to immediately provide easy safeguard, compliance and productivity benefits.

We’ve mentioned on several occasions the benefits and financial gains of a white-label email archiving solution that is Solar Archive, so we’ve created a useful calculator to help you establish your potential revenue streams and margins.

Simply input two variables: the number of email boxes you manage and the average size of your customers to get not only a revenue calculation but more importantly, your take home margins.

Check your own margins, try it below.